Bell’s palsy

Since this is my blog I may as well write something about me. On Friday the 23rd I found out I had Bell’s palsy. From about Monday night I had been having a very annoying headache for certain periods at a small spot at the back right side of my

Rooting T-Mobile G1

Today I finally got around to rooting my UK T-mobile G1,

Rooting T-Mobile G1

While I work with and “hack” linux all day long modifying my phone was something I have never had the real urge to do. I very rarely use my phone as I always either have or am close to a computer/laptop and the t-mobile 3g signal is useless. I decided as I have some free time today that I will give it a go anyway – to my surprise it is actually surprisingly easy, all of the work is already done for you amongst the very large community of users.

I initially looked at these 2 forums,

Which then I simply ended up using but did also read


So it has been over 3 years since I created this blog and I have exactly 3 entries to date. Blogging is something I have always been meaning to do but never actually got round to it. I wouldn’t consider myself a true blogger but I am devoted to giving it a go anyway.

Not knowing what to write about is generally what made me always not bother and then when there is a subject I am actually not that good at being creative. The truth is though it is actually just lazyness that has stopped be.

So from today onwards I have decided to have an average of 2 blog posts per month and these can be about anything be it useful information, a rant about a product/service or just a general meaningless post.

Setting up an MFA Server

Tired of paying someone to setup your server? Want a quick way to setup thousands of domains? Read on… I have made a quick guide on how to setup a server specifically for MFA sites from start to finish. The server will consist of, Web server – Apache Database –

Password Security

Basic Use of Passwords After all these years you would think basic password security would be drilled into everyone who uses the Internet, yet time and time again I always come across people who still have not learned the basics.  Really what is so hard about remembering a password that

Sony and Warner Music Defaced

As reported on zone-h, Some big music corporation sites have been defaced both and Could this be a result of ThePirateBay going down recently? Could it be a coincidence, I think not.  It makes me wonder what will happen in the next few weeks because I suspect there