Resizing ext4 partition centos 5

On CentOS 5 the e4fsprogs RPM provides a separate binary (/sbin/resize4fs) for resizing ext4 partitions. # rpm -qf /sbin/resize2fs e2fsprogs-1.39-23.el5_5.1 # rpm -qf /sbin/resize4fs e4fsprogs-1.41.9-3.el5 As I found out today when resizing an LVM partition on one of our mongodb snapshot systems. # lvextend -L+50G /dev/mapper/mongo Extending logical volume mongo

python load betfair data to mysql

The script below will import the betfair data from into a mySQL table.  First create the table, CREATE TABLE history ( sports_id int(11) DEFAULT NULL, event_id int(11) DEFAULT NULL, country varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL, scheduled_off varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL, actual_off varchar(30) DEFAULT NULL, full_description varchar(150) DEFAULT NULL, odds double DEFAULT NULL,

Max processes 1024 limits.conf

We where having an issue with replica sets on our MongoDB databases changing primaries. The logs shows it was hitting resource limits creating new processes. [initandlisten] pthread_create failed: errno:11 Resource temporarily unavailable [initandlisten] can’t create new thread, closing connection There is a bug fix in the init.d available per