Varnish Nagios Check

**Update: 2 July 2014. Updated to new version 1.1

I have written a check for nagios/icinga to check the varnish backend health. You can get the latest version from github . The version at the time of posting at the bottom of this message.

The defaults are RHEL defaults and ./ should work without any options unless you want to override them. Here is the Nagios/Icinga Setup,

Register the service

Assign to host “server”

Setup NRPE (Make sure user has permission to varnish secret file or use sudo)

Version at time of posting,


  1. Hi

    This nagios check seems to be working fine with varnish 2.0 but it doesn’t work with Varnish 3.x
    In fact varnish has made a lot of changes. This has resulted in backend check with no result (matching case netither healthy nor sick).

    Requesting you to update script to accommodate for both varnish 2.x and 3.x


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