WHMCS Hacked

Been following a thread over at Web Hosting Talk today called “WHMCS got hacked?“. It seems their server was compromised by accessing the owners email and using this to gain access to the servers authentication details directly from the hosting provider. Many questions arise from this and from the information

Password Security

Basic Use of Passwords After all these years you would think basic password security would be drilled into everyone who uses the Internet, yet time and time again I always come across people who still have not learned the basics.  Really what is so hard about remembering a password that

Sony and Warner Music Defaced

As reported on zone-h, Some big music corporation sites have been defaced both sonymusicstudios.co.uk and warnermusic.com.tw. Could this be a result of ThePirateBay going down recently? Could it be a coincidence, I think not.  It makes me wonder what will happen in the next few weeks because I suspect there