Bell’s palsy

Since this is my blog I may as well write something about me. On Friday the 23rd I found out I had Bell’s palsy. From about Monday night I had been having a very annoying headache for certain periods at a small spot at the back right side of my


So it has been over 3 years since I created this blog and I have exactly 3 entries to date. Blogging is something I have always been meaning to do but never actually got round to it. I wouldn’t consider myself a true blogger but I am devoted to giving it a go anyway.

Not knowing what to write about is generally what made me always not bother and then when there is a subject I am actually not that good at being creative. The truth is though it is actually just lazyness that has stopped be.

So from today onwards I have decided to have an average of 2 blog posts per month and these can be about anything be it useful information, a rant about a product/service or just a general meaningless post.